Crystal Insight is busy working on building a 21st century entertainment studio, using bitcoin and block-chain technology.

We help Entertainment Executives deliver their projects, on time and on budget, with our innovative production software AURORA.

In addition to aiding producers along the production pipeline, the software’s main feature is that it helps distribute royalty payments in real-time to a range of payee’s involved in the production of a creative project. This includes; artists and performers, production and creative personnel, animation and vfx houses, agents, rep’s and unions, tax credit agencies, distributors, networks and studios, just to name a few.  With AURORA, productions will achieve higher productivity, more accuracy in budget spending, require shorter production time and less personnel, and will have made the jump to a fully digital, automated, transparent production process.

For more information about how Crystal Insight is using block-chain technology in entertainment production, watch this 2015 online interview of our CEO Christian Blaze: